Top reasons why you must visit Florence

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If you ever felt a rush of joy while hearing the word ‘travel’ then you must be one of those people who actually enjoy it. But traveling is not only going somewhere to leave the str

ess and all problems behind you for a few days, it is an opportunity to see, learn and find so many incredible things. Among all the places around the world on the seven continents, Europe is one of the smallest ones and at the same time the most visited one.traveling to florence

 Learn more about Florence

Paris, London and Rome are well known, but the real joy of experiencing a place lies in the little cities and villages. One of those real tourist gems, that is never crowded, but as beautiful as the big ones is Florence. Besides Rome and Venice it is the third most popular city in Italy, located on the south and close to other stunning places. But even if it was not, you wouldn’t see any difference, because once you step in, you won’t feel any need to go away.

The city and all of its parts can be easily explored on foot, which gives so much more time to just feel the air and be grateful of where you are right now. Those little stores and shops that build the walls all around each and every road and sidewalk are the real destinations you should look up to. They are full of history and tradition and the salespeople are the best you will get to see. You won’t even miss out on architecture and some amazing art, since this is the art Mecca of the whole region.

Where to stay and what to see

An important part of every trip is the place you stay at. In Florence you are lucky even with that, because there you will get to experience the best hotels there are. First of all there is the Grand Hotel Villa Medici, it is full of history, breathtaking architecture and stories to tell which you cannot even imagine. The Rocco Forte Savoy Hotel and the Bernini Palace by Baglioni Hotels are just as good, but have not that much tradition and were not owned by one the richest family that ever existed.

One good tip is to book everything in advance, and one of the reasons why there is not much crowd is that many people are not allowed to be on the same place at the same time. In the hotel you visit, they all have incredible restaurants, make sure to try pizza, pasta and ice cream, nowhere else you will get the chance to eat something that delicious.

Make sure to visit all the galleries and museums, but don’t hurry up, because you might get the Stendhal Syndrome which has its roots right there in Florence. This is a feeling of dizziness that comes with seeing too much art in a short period of time. However, if you get it, you will still have a wonderful room for resting in one of the most beautiful hotels in Florence.